It has been a long journey; ten years of medical education and training, followed by fifteen years of practice. it has been a tough road. But, there have been so many individuals along the way who have propped me up when I was falling over. So many have extended a supportive hand when I had already fallen. Many have offered a generous seat at their dinner table when I needed nourishment. And, so many have shouldered the burden to allow me to rest for a while. And, so I realized that this journey has not been undertaken alone; and, it continues as a team…a family.

Much of the knowledge I possess and use in everyday practice has not come from textbooks, lectures, and research publications. So much of what I have learned, I learned from personal trainers, rock climbers, SCUBA divers, martial artists, dancers, fencers, and chess players. And, my patients, their families, and our community have taught me so much about both treatment options, and the Art of Living, alike.

With these writings, I hope to add a new facet to this incredible journey. Life is full of challenges; and, each person’s journey is unique. I am grateful that our paths as passengers on this same wondrous, blue, planet cross often. And, I hope we can all continue to share, teach, and learn from one another. My goal for this forum is that it be a conversation as I selfishly hope to continue to learn from you. Thank you. We are on our way…

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